Addressing expectations & potential conflicts

Because CE is a social exercise, there is potential for conflict and tensions. It is important to know that some conflict can be expected, especially if there is wide-ranging discussion about a contentious issue. If managed appropriately, these tensions can help to shed new light on an issue and present new solutions to a problem.

Some of the tensions that can arise include:

  • Who is controlling the process – the organization or the community?
  • How do priorities get chosen?
  • Who gets chosen and who is left out?
  • Individual interests vs. community interests
  • Transparency (of process) vs. privacy (to express individual opinions)
  • Consistency vs. flexibility of process
  • Does everyone have an equal voice? Who has power and influence in the process?
  • Unanimity vs. diversity
  • Addressing community strengths vs. focussing on weaknesses
A full discussion about these tensions can be found in Section 4 of the Health Planners’ Toolkit, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care »

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