CE evaluation

It is important to evaluate the CE process to determine what worked, what could have been improved, and what lessons were learned. This information will be invaluable to the organization as it develops other CE processes.

Communities Scotland has developed a comprehensive approach to evaluation, including standards and indicators. These standards highlight the important elements to be considered in evaluating a CE process:

  1. The Support Standard: We will identify and overcome any barriers to involvement.
  2. The Planning Standard: We will gather evidence of the needs and available resources and use this evidence to agree the purpose, scope and timescale of the engagement and the actions to be taken.
  3. The Methods Standard: We will agree and use methods of engagement that are fit for the purpose.
  4. The Working Together Standard: We will agree and use clear procedures that enable the participants to work with one another effectively and efficiently.
  5. The Sharing Information Standard: We will ensure that necessary information is communicated between the participants.
  6. The Working With Others Standard: We will work effectively with others with an interest in the engagement.
  7. The Improvement Standard: We will develop actively the skills, knowledge and confidence of all the participants.
  8. The Feedback Standard: We will feed back the results of the engagement to the wider community and agencies affected.
  9. The Monitoring and Evaluation Standard: We will monitor and evaluate whether the engagement achieves its purposes and meets the national standards for community engagement.

Communities Scotland

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