Following-up with stakeholders

To demonstrate appropriate respect for stakeholders who have contributed their time and ideas, it is important to have a plan to communicate the findings of the CE process, as well as what the initiating organization plans to do with this information.

A communication strategy with stakeholders should be built into the CE process from the start, and it should be consistent with the style and approach used in the CE process. The message should be clear in style and content, relevant to the target audience, and presented in a timely fashion. Many of the resources under the “Inform” goal of CE will be relevant here.

There should also be a clear strategy for communicating the results of the CE process to decision-makers within the organization. Decision-makers are rarely involved in, or aware of, the details and nuances of a CE process. Communication to them should summarize the issues raised through the process succinctly, and describe the implications for the organization.

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