How to find what you need

This section of the website poses a few simple questions that should help you to find the resources that will be most useful to you.

If CE is relatively new to you, click here for an introduction to the topic »
If you are looking for hints on how to plan a CE process, click here »

Useful keywords

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If you are already familiar with CE and are looking for resources, techniques and tools to achieve a specific goal with a defined group of stakeholders, then please answer the following questions:

Which are the goals for your CE process?

(select all that apply)

To Inform (to provide the stakeholders with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and/or solutions.)
To Consult (to consult stakeholders on draft plans or on issues; feedback from stakeholders has an influence on decisions.)
To Involve (to work directly with stakeholders in planning and policy processes to ensure their concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered.)
To Collaborate (to partner with the stakeholders in each aspect of decision-making, including development of alternatives and identification of the preferred solution.)
To Empower (to actively support stakeholders in developing the processes and structures necessary to identify issues and to implement solutions.)

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Which are the main stakeholder groups you wish to engage?

(select all that apply)

General public
Governments (e.g. federal, provincial, municipal)
Health service providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, allied health professionals)
Issue-specific groups and organizations (e.g. hospitals, mental health/addictions providers, family health teams, home care, disease-specific organizations, consumer advocacy groups)
Service users (e.g. patient, client, caregiver, people affected by a particular health issue)
Specific population groups (e.g. women, seniors, geographic community)
Stakeholders internal to an organization (e.g. decision-makers, managers, front-line staff)
Unique communities (e.g. diverse language and cultural groups, Aboriginal communities, marginalized groups)

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