Building on a Good Start: LHINs Community Engagement, Wellesley Institute, 2006.

This document was prepared by the Wellesley Institute, a Toronto-based organization that advances the social determinants of health through community-based research, community engagement, and the informing of public policy. Based on earlier work in CE in LHINs, the document outlines key directions needed for LHINs to effectively build a culture of community engagement, and offers useful recommendations related to organizational learning regarding community engagement, community engagement planning, evaluating community engagement results, and sustaining community engagement over the long term. While slightly outdated in terms of the community engagement work occurring currently in the LHINs, the resource presents useful directions and options for LHINS to continue to build relationships with their communities and to involve consumers and service providers.

Topics: Evaluation/effectiveness, Follow-up, Planning – CE, Policy development, Stakeholder selection

Techniques & tools: Stakeholder forum