Involve Youth 2: A Guide to Meaningful Youth Engagement, City of Toronto, 2006.

A City of Toronto report designed to provide advice and support to organizations and staff that work with youth. The manual addresses such areas as characteristics of youth engagement, preparing the organization, outreach/recruitment, representation and accountability, how to keep youth engaged, and what to do when things go wrong. This well-organized report offers good insights into achieving and sustaining youth participation that are applicable in any organization. The guidebook also provides an excellent, plain language description of working with an anti-oppression framework, which could be useful in many contexts.

Topics: Background/introduction, Capacity building, Conflict management, Determinants of health, Evaluation/effectiveness, Legal requirements, Multicultural, Planning – CE, Research, Stakeholder selection, Vulnerable/marginalized groups, Youth

Techniques & tools: Community development, Framework/model/template