A Tool for Strengthening Chronic Disease Prevention and Management through Dialogue, Planning and Assessment, Canadian Public Health Association, 2008.

The tool was developed by the Canadian Public Health Association, in collaboration with an expert advisory committee and four pilot sites (three regional health authorities and one LHIN). The tool is a flexible resource for use by health regions across the country, adaptable to different contexts, presenting eight critical success factors for strengthening chronic disease prevention and management, with guiding questions for each. The tool facilitates making connections among those doing chronic disease work, taking steps to build understanding, break down silos and better integrate prevention and management efforts. For CE practitioners working in the area of chronic disease, it lays out a process for engaging stakeholders in dialogue, promoting information exchange, assessing current policy, planning and practice, and identifying actions, roles and shared responsibilities. Four companion documents comprise the tool: introduction to the tool, how-to guide, case studies and the tool, and worksheets and resources.

Topics: Background/introduction, Capacity building, Change management, Chronic disease, Comprehensive CE strategies, Determinants of health, Evaluation/effectiveness, Goal setting, Issue identification/issue framing, Legal requirements, Planning – CE, Planning – health, Policy development, Principles, Research, Stakeholder selection

Techniques & tools: Committee/working group, Communication materials, Communication tools, Focus group, Framework/model/template, Group facilitation, Interview, Stakeholder forum, Workshop