Primer to Action: Social Determinants of Health, Health Nexus & Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, 2008.

This is a web-based resource developed by Health Nexus, a health promotion resource network, and the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance. The Primer to Action provides a point of entry to understanding and taking action on six health determinants: income, employment, housing, food security, education, and inclusion. It provides evidence linking health inequities, the determinants of health and chronic disease, and offers hundreds of live links to resources and groups working at the federal, provincial, local and organizational level. The resource would be particular useful to CE practitioners interested in techniques for “Informing”, “Involving” and “Empowering” a range of stakeholders to take action on a health issue, including health and community workers, activists, staff, volunteers or community members.

Topics: Background/introduction, Capacity building, Chronic disease, Determinants of health, Evaluation/effectiveness, Goal setting, Issue identification/issue framing, Legal requirements, Planning – CE, Planning – health, Policy development, Principles, Stakeholder selection, Vulnerable/marginalized groups

Techniques & tools: Communication materials, Communication tools, Community development, Framework/model/template