Share Your Story, Shape Your Care, Northwest Local Health Integration Network, 2009.

This website provides a case example of a community engagement carried out by the Northwest LHIN in Ontario. It includes tools used to solicit input from the general public and service users into the LHIN’s integrated health service plan. Tools include an on-line survey, a paper-based ChoiceBook, and a conversation guide, each with questions focused on health priorities and ways to improve the organization and delivery of health care services in the LHIN. This is a useful case example for CE practitioners who aim to “Inform”, “Consult” and “Involve” the broader community, both residents and service users, in regional health service planning. It will be of particular interest to those working in a large, primarily rural geographic area.

Topics: Background/introduction, Capacity building, Chronic disease, Comprehensive CE strategies, Determinants of health, Evaluation/effectiveness, Goal setting, Issue identification/issue framing, Legal requirements, Planning – CE, Planning – health, Policy development, Principles, Stakeholder selection

Techniques & tools: Committee/working group, Communication materials, Communication tools, Community development, Focus group, Framework/model/template, Group facilitation, Stakeholder forum, Survey