Connecting the Dots, Health Nexus, 2012 (website).

Developed by Health Nexus, a health promotion resource centre, this website presents the Connecting the Dots (CTD) multi-sectoral community engagement model, designed to help communities “work together differently” for better chronic disease outcomes and improved health for all. Health Nexus works with communities to bring together a wide cross-section of community leaders from across the chronic disease continuum from the health sector (health promotion, public health, hospitals, community services, and long-term care) and from other sectors such as social services, education, housing and recreation. Community-driven initiatives based on the CTD model usually include a multi-sectoral planning committee, a community forum, and a continuous process of maintaining connections, generating new partnerships and collaborations and learning. The website includes a practical “how-to” handbook and case examples of applying the CTD model to engage communities in chronic disease prevention.

Topics: Background/introduction, Capacity building, Chronic disease, Determinants of health, Evaluation/effectiveness, Follow-up, Goal setting, Issue identification/issue framing, Planning – CE, Planning – health, Policy development, Principles, Research, Stakeholder selection

Techniques & tools: Committee/working group, Communication materials, Community development, Framework/model/template, Stakeholder forum, Workshop