What’s new

EPIC Revised

In fall of 2012, EPIC underwent a complete review of its content and website functionality. The review resulted in the following changes and improvements:

  • Existing resources were updated to reflect any content changes
  • New, evidence-informed resources were added based on user feedback and our environmental scan
  • Links to all external resources have been updated (dead links removed and replaced with live ones)
  • Refined metatag system resulting in an enhanced keyword search function

Users of EPIC now have access to 78 different community engagement resources. Many of our new resources reflect the legislative and policy changes of the last two years in Ontario. This includes learnings from the LHIN experience, Quality Improvement Plans, the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, and the Excellent Care for All Act.

EPIC is committed to providing Health Service Providers in Ontario with timely and relevant supports. In the time ahead, we look forward to making more meaningful contributions to community engagement in our sector