What is EPIC?

Engaging People Improving Care, or EPIC, is a “toolkit” – an accessible, organized collection of resources on community engagement (CE) for health. The resources cover the gamut of issues associated with CE – how to plan for it, how to do it and how to evaluate it. EPIC has been developed for health professionals, health planners, governments, and health-related groups and organizations that want to incorporate CE into their work.

Why was EPIC developed?

CE is of increasing importance to people and organizations involved in funding, planning and delivering health services. Members of the public have greater expectations for accountability and involvement in decision-making, and some jurisdictions have made CE mandatory. In addition, CE is considered by many to be a necessary element for the development of more coordinated, integrated and responsive health service systems.

A group of Ontario health providers and planners wanted to develop a “one-stop shop” where they could find the resources that would help them address the challenge of putting CE into practice, and EPIC was born.

What will I find on EPIC?

EPIC includes a wide variety of resources from Canadian and international sources, including:

  • Overall guides and frameworks for CE.
  • CE tools and techniques.
  • Case studies.
  • Resources on specific issues such as evaluation.
All of the resources have been reviewed and annotated so you can scan or search them quickly to find the ones that should best meet your needs.

How were the resources selected for EPIC?

EPIC resources are:
  • “Evidence-informed” (in other words, developed based on a combination of best available evidence and experience from the field).
  • Easily accessible at no cost on the Internet.
  • User-friendly.
  • Tested, piloted or evaluated (whenever possible).
Resources have been selected for their applicability and relevance to the Ontario health care sector, but should also be useful in other jurisdictions.

Can I suggest other resources?

Absolutely. EPIC is intended to be a “living” toolkit that is constantly updated through new contributions. We invite you to submit your favourite CE resources.

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